Benefits of A2 Beta-Casein Protein Cow’s Milk for Children

A2 Beta-Casein Protein Cow's MilkAt Bubs, we want to help parents provide the very best nutrition for their little ones – which is why we’re dedicated to formulating clean, honest, natural food that you can trust. We’re all about growing new generations of happy, joyful bubs – and with premium, naturally sourced A2 beta-casein protein cow’s milk, our new Bubs Supreme has been crafted to help do just that.

But what is A2 beta-casein protein, exactly? And what kind of benefits does it offer for little ones living their best lives? We’re here to help!

What is A2 beta-casein protein?

Casein is a group of proteins found in milk that account for about 80% of milk’s protein content, and there are several different kinds of casein, including beta-casein. There are two different types of beta-casein – A1 beta-casein protein and (you guessed it!) A2 beta-casein protein. So put simply, A2 beta-casein protein is one of the types of protein found in cow’s milk.

What is the difference between A2 milk & normal milk?

Regular milk contains both A1 and A2 beta-casein protein, while A2 beta-casein protein milk comes from cows that don’t produce the A1 protein. Most of the cow’s milk products you’ll find at the supermarket these days contain both A1 and A2 beta-casein proteins (unless otherwise specified). Bubs Supreme – our most advanced formulation yet – is made with natural A2 beta-casein cow’s milk.

You might be wondering how we get this cow’s milk without the A1 protein. Well, it’s as simple as sourcing milk from cows that don’t produce the A1 beta-casein protein. Certain breeds of cows naturally produce milk with only A2 beta-casein protein. 

At Bubs, we source our A2 beta-casein protein cow’s milk from only the highest-quality farms. We work with farmers who show care, respect and kindness to their animals.

What benefits does A2 beta-casein protein offer?

So exactly why is A2 beta-casein protein cow’s milk better for you and your little ones? Some research suggests that A1 beta-casein protein may cause tummy discomfort and digestive symptoms, meaning A2 beta-casein protein cow’s milk may be gentler on little tummies. 

A2 beta-casein protein cow’s milk is not only a wonderful source of protein, which is essential for growing bodies but also a good source of calcium – great for strong, healthy bones and teeth – as well as nutrients like iodine, riboflavin and vitamin B12.

Ways to include Bubs Supreme Toddler Formula in your child’s diet

It couldn’t be easier to get the goodness of A2 beta-casein protein cow’s milk into your little one’s diet with Bubs Supreme Toddler Formula. For kids from 12 months old, simply add 4 level scoops of Bubs Supreme Toddler Formula powder to 240ml water in their bottle, then give it a good shake to thoroughly mix the water and powder. 

If you’re looking for other fun and tasty ways to include Bubs Supreme Toddler Formula into your child’s diet, try this delicious banana chia pudding – yummy and healthy for little bodies.

We’re proud of our produce

It’s not just top-quality A2 beta-casein protein cow’s milk that sets Bubs Supreme Toddler Formula apart. It also contains our NUTRABIO+ formula, which is packed with prebiotics and probiotics to help support their digestive health, iodine, iron and zinc for cognitive function and brain development, plus zinc and vitamins A, B6 and B12 to support their immune system.

Looking after your little one is a responsibility we don’t take lightly at Bubs. Providing clean label nutrition, packed with clean ingredients and free from heavy metals, pesticide residues, plasticisers and toxins, is one of our top priorities. That’s why we’re so proud to have been honoured with the Clean Label Purity Award from non-profit organisation Clean Label Project. The award is given to brands whose products focus on using clean ingredients and surpass the minimum regulations required.

We care for your tots as much as you do, and we know they’re hungry for a better tomorrow. Our farm-to-table approach to sourcing the best quality ingredients (not only for Bubs Supreme but all of our products) supports sustainable, ethical, traceable farming practices, and our products are developed with science top of mind, to make sure everything we do is geared towards supporting your growing child’s nutritional needs.