Frequently asked questions about formula, pouches and cereals.


Do you have formula samples, or can I buy some samples?

Unfortunately, we do not give out or sell samples of Bubs Goat milk formula. We voluntarily comply with World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations, and the Marketing in Australia of Infant Formulas (MAIF) agreement, which does not support the sampling of infant formulas by manufacturers directly to parents or carers of babies. This means we are unable to supply baby formula samples.

What is the ratio of whey protein & casein protein in the goat formula?

The Whey to Casein ratio changes with the formula and with the changing nutritional demand for babies, for example, stages 1 and 2 have 60% whey protein and 40% casein. In Stage 3, it drops to the natural levels of whey to casein in milk of around 80:20.

How should you store the goat formula?

Store your Bubs goat formula direct from sunlight in a cool, clean location such as a pantry. Ideally under 25°C.

Can you freeze the goat formula?

We don't recommend freezing the formula. You don't need to as it can be stored at room temperature and can be used for up to 4 weeks after opening the foil seal. We do not recommend you freeze any formula in the freezer for a number of reasons. Storing powder in refrigerated conditions exposes the powder to condensation. This can cause the powdered ingredients to clump. As a result, the powder may not mix/reconstitute as well when formula is prepared. We recommend that you store it in the pantry for up to 4 weeks.

Why is there a gap in the tin of goat formula?

Formula powders are packed by weight, not volume, powder tends to settle and compress over time, so at the time of filling, the product level normally sits higher compared to where it would be in 3 or 4 or 6 months later. Our state of the art equipment weighs every single tin to a high level of accuracy.

Is the goat milk formula gluten free?

Yes, our Goat Formula is gluten free.

Why do you add vegetable oils in your formulas?

We use a vegetable oil blend in our Formula to provide the right fatty acid profile needed to deliver a certain content level and ratio of linoleic and α-linolenic fatty acids. Perhaps you may be concerned about palm oil because of the media around wild-life and conservation of land. Rest assured that we only source our palm oil from certified sustainable sources.

What is lactose? Why do you add lactose to your formula?

Lactose is a natural sugar found in Goat milk and is naturally present in all mammals’ milks.  It’s considered to be the ideal form of carbohydrate for babies. In fact, some countries actually require lactose to be >90% of the total carbohydrate content in baby formula. Australian food standards for infant formula very clearly define the nutritional content limits that all formula products must meet. Hence, in order to meet those requirements, we need to add the right ingredients in the right proportions to deliver on those nutritional targets.


Is it safe to put the pouches in the pantry if they were previously refrigerated at the shops?

If the pouches are unopened, it's safe to put them back at room temperature even if they were previously refrigerated. Once opened, reseal and keep refrigerated and consume within 48 hours.

Do the pouches need to be refrigerated?

Before opening the pouches do not need to be refrigerated. They can be stored in the pantry and served by the used by date. Once the pouches are opened, reseal and keep them refrigerated and consume within 48 hours.

What is the cooking process for the pouches?

Our pouches are processed using a very unique method of minimal heat and cooking time.

  1. A lot of our fruits and vegetables are sourced directly with the organic growers. This enables the highest quality of freshness as the ingredients avoid cold storage, markets, and individual retailers, all delaying the time that you get to consume the products. If they are not sent fresh to us, they are often snap frozen on the day of harvesting.
  1. In our fruit combinations, we mix our ingredient combinations cold and without heat, to avoid the loss of nutrients due to heat production.
  1. Once the ingredients are ready for packaging, they are heated, in order to further avoid nutrient loss. This process also preserves the product in the pouch.

Are the pouches gluten free?

Bubs pouches do not contain gluten in the ingredients. However, the products may contain traces of gluten as they are manufactured on machinery that may produce products with gluten in their ingredients.

Do your pouches contain dairy, nuts or eggs?

Our production facility, that produces the Bubs puree, actively avoids the processing of any products containing dairy, peanuts and tree nuts. This is actively controlled by the facility’s allergen management program which contains standard operating procedures designed to effectively control and prevent the possibility of cross contamination of allergenic material to other products.

Are your pouches Kosher certified?

Yes, all our Bubs Organic Wet pouches are Kosher certified by The Kashrut Authority.

Are your products halal certified?

Bubs Pouches and Snacks range are Halal certified. They are vegan and vegetarian friendly and do not contain milk or animal products.

Can the pouches be heated?

Yes, pouches can be heated in boiling water, but DO NOT microwave them.


Is your organic cereal suitable for vegans?

Yes, our Bubs Organic Cereal range is Vegan friendly.


Are the Toothy Rusks dairy free?

The rusks do not have any dairy in the ingredients, but the line also processes products that contain dairy. Although all care is taken during cleaning and sanitation of equipment between products, we are unable to claim the product is dairy free. This is the case with all other rusk products on the market in Australia.


Where do you source your ingredients from?

Our company policy is to source our organic ingredients from Australia where possible, and aim to have our food products made here in Australia. In some instances, where seasonal or availability issues prevent us from sourcing Australian produce, we import raw ingredients from trusted international partners.

Sadly there are not enough farms in Australia to supply the ingredients in sufficient volumes for our production.


Are all of your products GMO free?

Bubs Organic baby food products are proudly certified organic by ACO, Australia’s largest organic certifying body. ACO are approved, accredited and recognised by the Department of Agriculture & Water Resources Australia. In addition, our products undergo strict quality control, they do not contain any artificial ingredients, and are free from GMO ingredients, pesticides and chemicals.

Your goat milk formula does not have 100% Australian ingredients, why is that?

Our company policy is to source as many ingredients as possible from Australia. However, some specialty ingredients are not available from local sources. For example, Australia does not produce Goat Whey Protein Concentrate so we have no choice but to import it from the Netherlands. Other ingredients that are not manufactured in Australia include some of the oils and the vitamins we use to formulate our products.

What vegetable oils do you use and why do you need to use them anyway?

We use a blend of Palm oil, Sunflower oil, Canola oil, and Coconut oil in our stages 1 and 2 Goat formulas.

Simply put, there is no better source of nutrition for human babies than their mother’s milk. However, if babies need to be formula fed we must meet very specific compositional requirements including the fatty acid profile of the formula, which are not naturally occurring in Goats or Cows milk. This is achieved by adding the vegetable oil blend to the formula.

Where are your berries imported and how are they prepared?

Organic Bubs berries are sourced from Canada and the USA, and are USDA certified. Our blueberries are prepared from clean, sound, fresh or frozen organically grown berries that have been sorted, washed and inspected. The berries are milled, pureed and then pasteurised. The product is then processed and packed with Good Manufacturing Practices.

Prior to finalizing the Organic Bubs formulas, the mixed ingredients are pasteurised or retorted for the finished packaged product.


Can you return a product?

Please select carefully as we cannot refund or exchange consumable infant products. If you have a query or complaint about our products or delivery service, please contact us.

Do you offer free shipping across Australia?



The standard flat rate shipping fee is $9.90 across Australia, with free shipping on all orders over $25.99

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Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to PO Boxes. Please supply us with a physical Australian address. Deliver times may vary depending on the courier. The below table is a general guidelines on what you can expect:

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Refund and Exchange Policy

Please select carefully as we cannot refund or exchange consumable infant products. If you have a query or complaint about our products or delivery service, please contact us.