From Farm To Table, You Can Trace Our Range To The Farm

Farm To Table Produce

At Bubs, we believe that for our little ones to get the best start in life, it’s vital that they receive the best nutrition available sourced from the best produce. From the farm, from the moment seeds are sown, to the time your children’s favourite Bubs products reach your table, every step along the way is important. Learn more about our farms, the benefits of farm to table produce, and more, below.

Where Does Bubs' Produce Come From?

While it’s important that our baby food and toddler snacks taste delicious, we’re also dedicated to incorporating the very best produce into our products. For us, that’s organic fruit, vegetables and grains, planted, nurtured and harvested without the use of artificial fertilisers, pesticides and GMOs.

To help us achieve our mission to deliver the best produce direct to your little ones, we’ve sought out the very best organic growers accredited by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) for more than a decade. While it has taken some time to find the best organic farms out there, we’ve discovered some incredible farmers that are just as passionate as we are about pure, nutrient-rich produce and sustainable farming.

Organic Grass-Fed Farms

The farmers we source our organic grass-fed cow’s milk from draw on farming practices that have been handed down from generation to generation. Understanding and valuing the importance of grass-feeding over regular grain feeding, they employ practices that stem from more than 150 years of tradition.

Our cow’s milk is sourced from cows that are free to roam over lush pastures in southern New Zealand. This rain-drenched area of the country offers the perfect conditions for sustained 365-day grass-fed farming. We choose to only use cow’s milk from accredited organic grass-fed farmers, with each and every farmer required to comply with our strict food safety standards. We also seek farmers who demonstrate care, respect and kindness to their animals.

What Are the Benefits of Farm to Table Produce?

Many different benefits accompany farm to table produce. Some of these benefits include:

Increased traceability

One of the key benefits of choosing farm to table produce is the increased traceability it offers. Knowing where the produce you’re eating was sourced and the farming practices that were used to grow it not only ensures quality and transparency but can also offer peace of mind. We only source our produce from certified organic farms, meaning that the strict farming criteria set by ACO has been met by all the farmers we choose.

Improved visibility

By selecting farm to table produce, we are also given greater control over the produce we incorporate into our products. Sourcing fruit, vegetables and grains directly from the farmers that grow them allows us to see how they are grown and the farming practices that are used. It also allows us to select only the best organic produce, filled with flavour and nutrients for your little one.

Supporting sustainability

Sustainable farming is important to us, and, by choosing farm to fork produce, we also gain visibility over how our farmers care for the land they use. This helps to ensure that generations to come can continue to grow and enjoy delicious, nutritious produce.

We’re Proud of Our Produce

From seed to spoon, our baby food and snacks, and the ingredients used to make them, are certified organic by ACO. Free of nasties, such as GMOs and pesticides, the Bubs Organic range is filled with organic goodness to nurture tiny bodies from the inside out. From our baby food pouches, snacks, cereals and rusks to our organic grass-fed cow’s milk formula, you’ll find plenty of great options for your little one.