Starting Solids

Starting Solids?

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Health authorities have recently changed their recommendation on exclusive breastfeeding (or infant formula) until about 4 months.

STAGE 1: First foods should be introduced between 4-6 months and consist of silky smooth purees which can be easily digested:
  • Iron-enriched organic baby cereals (e.g. rice, millet)
  • Organic vegetables (e.g. pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot)
  • Organic fruit (e.g. pear, apple, mango, avocado)
Organic Bubs Stage 1 pouches for bubs 4m+ consist of simple ingredients with subtle flavours and silky textures, specifically tailored towards babies starting out on solids.

STAGE 2: From around 6-7 months babies will be ready to experiment with an increased variety of foods and textures:
  • Broader range of organic fruit, vegetables & herbs
  • Legumes, pasta, rice, pulses & other grains (preferably gluten-free whole grains, such as quinoa.
  • Cheese, natural whole milk yoghurt & egg yolks
Organic Bubs Stage 2 pouches combine an adventurous range of fruits, vegetables and nutritious gluten-free super grains, which we consider to be the building blocks of good nutrition.

STAGE 3: From around 7-8 months you can start to introduce a wide variety of foods that provide iron and essential fatty acids. Explore with new textures by mashing, grating and chopping:
  • Organic meat, chicken & fish
  • Pulses & grains
  • Whole hard boiled egg
  • Goat or Cow’s milk (in cooking only, continue to use breast milk & formula as main drink) 
  • Soft finger foods
Organic Bubs Stage 3 pouches with lumps & bumps contain Australian organic free-range chicken and exotic recipes to educate developing taste buds.

If you have a story about trying goat milk, send it to We’d love to chat to you!