Is Goat milk good for you?

We understand every child’s journey is different. Some are more sensitive than others. Goat milk is naturally easy to digest for happier tummies.

The unique structure of the proteins and lipids (fats) found in goat milk, resulting in softer casein curds, make it easier for little bodies to break down and digest. Less digesting provides quick access to abundant nutrients without additional stress on your baby’s digestive system.

Bubs® Goat Milk products are especially suitable for children who experience:

    • Cow milk protein intolerance or sensitivity
    • Wind, bloating, constipation or colic
    • Diarrhoea or loose stools
    • Reflux or regurgitation
    • Skin inflammation, rash or eczema
    • Congestion or excess mucus

Goat milk has a unique fat and protein composition making it naturally easy for the body to break down and its softer curds can pass through the digestive system and be absorbed more gently.

Bubs Advanced Plus+ Goat Milk naturally supports digestive comfort, making it a nutritious alternative for toddlers with sensitive tummies. Our advanced formulation blends quality goat milk and goat whey protein with a balanced daily intake of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega-3 DHA and prebiotic.


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