Organic Food

Why Choose Organic Baby Food?

At Bubs, we believe that only the highest quality ingredients should make their way into our baby food. That’s why we choose organic produce sourced from farmers we trust. But what does it mean for baby food to be organic and what are the benefits of organic food?

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What is Organic?

What Does Organic Mean?

It’s a term that you’ve probably heard a lot in recent years, but what does ‘organic’ actually mean? To put it simply, organic relates to the farming, harvesting and preparation of foods without the use of:

  • Synthetic fertilisers
  • Chemicals, such as pesticides
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

For food to be truly organic, care must be taken to prevent exposure to chemicals, pesticides and synthetic fertilisers along all stages of production, from the farm to the supermarket.

What’s the Difference Between Organic Farming and Conventional Farming?

Organic farming is still quite a new process, especially when compared to conventional farming, but there are some key differences. When looking at how plants are fertilised, organic farmers make use of natural alternatives, such as compost and manure, while conventional farmers will typically opt for synthetic or chemical fertilisers. The same goes for the control of weeds, with organic farmers choosing to rotate crops, weed by hand or use mulch to slow weed growth, while conventional farmers will use chemical herbicides to achieve the same result. Natural pest control methods are also used by organic farmers, avoiding the need to spray crops with synthetic pesticides.

Benefits of Organic Food

There are many benefits of organic food that help to make it a great choice when feeding your little one. Some of these benefits include:

1. Reduced exposure to chemicals

By choosing organic food, you’re reducing your baby’s exposure to the synthetic chemicals commonly used in the farming industry. From pesticides, fungicides and herbicides to synthetic fertilisers, conventional farming makes use of a variety of chemicals that may remain on, or in, the food your little one eats. Organic farmers do not use synthetic chemicals, opting for natural, chemical-free alternatives instead. Choosing organic foods over their conventionally farmed counterparts helps to reduce exposure to chemical residue and other nasties.

2. Non-GMO choices

GMOs are plants or animals that have been scientifically altered to enhance certain traits, such as pest resistance or total crop yield. While they may have some benefits in certain settings, many people remain concerned about GMOs, especially their long term impacts on our bodies and the environment around us. In Australia, certified organic baby products cannot contain genetically modified ingredients.

3. Reduced environmental impact

While many conventional farming operations use synthetic pesticides and fertilisers to help prevent pest damage and promote growth, these chemicals can impact the surrounding environment, contaminating soil and water. Organic farming, however, does not involve the use of synthetic chemicals, instead turning to natural methods to nourish plants and manage pests. These practices help to protect farming land for future generations, as well as the birds, insects and animals that live in the surrounding area.

4. Improved traceability

For a food product to be certified as organic, it needs to meet the strict standards set by an organic certification body. These standards outline what farmers and food producers can and can’t do, and require that all stages of food production, from seed to spoon, are audited. The combination of the strict standards set by certification bodies and their thorough auditing processes help to ensure that certified organic baby products are fully traceable from the farm to your table.

We’re Proud of Our Organic Range

From seed to spoon, Bubs baby food is certified organic by ACO, guaranteeing that our products are free of artificial fertilisers, pesticides and GMOs. We’ve developed pure, certified organic baby products you can trust to fuel growing bodies from the inside out.

At Bubs, we offer a wide selection of organic baby food and snacks. Whether your little one is trying solids for the first time or you’re looking for a delicious snack for them to enjoy, you’ll find plenty of yummy options to choose from.

Perfect for meals on the go, our organic Baby Food Pouches combine fruits, vegetables and grains into delicious purees containing wholefood goodness and nothing else. Teething tots will love our naturally flavoured Toothy Rusks, while our lineup of organic snacks will put a smile on every baby’s face. A great choice for little ones who are new to solids, our organic baby cereals offer a nutritious introduction to the exciting world of food.

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