Why is there a gap in the tin of goat formula?

Bubs Australia

In regards to the vacant space in the tin, let me assure you that what you are purchasing and what we claim is in the tin, is 100% correct. Over transport and time, there is a settling and compressing of the formula, which leads to this gap in the tin. We are moving to a new and improved formulation over the coming months that will show a more consistent formulation and more fullness within the can.

With regards to the spoon, we are working to have this corrected via a new process and this will be evident in upcoming productions.

As a thank you for your contact and dedication to Bubs, please advise us of your delivery address and what stage you are using, for us to send you a complimentary can of our premium Goat Milk Formula.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Bubs office at any time for clarification of this email or any further information that you may require.

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