Can you freeze the goat formula?

Bubs Australia

We don't recommend freezing the formula. You don't need to as it can be stored at room temperature and can be used for up to 4 weeks after opening the foil seal.

We do not recommend you freeze any formula in the freezer for a number of reasons. Storing powder in refrigerated conditions exposes the powder to damp/humid conditions. This can cause the powdered ingredients to separate and clump. As a result, the powder may not mix/reconstitute as well when formula is prepared. In addition, the powder may not be homogeneous, causing over-concentration of certain ingredients/nutrients. It won't harm your baby, but we think it best to store in the pantry for up to 4 weeks. We hope this helps answer your questions, and don't hesitate to get back in touch if you have any other queries about Bubs products.

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