From a Mum

Plant Burst Frozen Yoghurt

Bubs Australia

Cool down with this fruity frozen yoghurt. Easy to make & is great to keep in the freezer, ready for the next sunny day!

It combines frozen banana & strawberries (but you can choose any frozen fruit!), greek yoghurt, maple syrup and Bubs Organic Mango, Peach & Banana Plat Burst Pouch to create a yummy snack that will cool your bub down on a hot summers day 🌞
Step 1.

Chop & freeze your chosen fruits!

Step 2.

Place Plant Burst Pouch, Greek yoghurt , frozen fruit & maple syrup into a food processor.

Step 3.

Pulse & blend until achieving a thick frozen yoghurt texture.

Step 4.

Serve immediately for a softer texture or freeze for 30 minutes for a firmer frozen yoghurt!

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