Why do you add soy bean oil in your formulas?

Bubs Australia

We use a soybean oil blend in our Stage 2 & 3 formulations to provide the right fatty acid profile needed to deliver a certain content level and ratio of linoleic and α-linolenic factty acids. Soybean oil is around 50% linoleic acid, so it is ideal for increasing the linoleic fatty acid content which should sit around 10 times higher than the level of α-linolenic acid. Soybean oil is also a very clean tasting oil compared to some others. Perhaps you may be concerned about soybean oil because of the media around soy oils being hydrogenated as a result of how they are processed, as hydrogenated oils are not good for you. However, the oils used in our formulas are processed in a way that ensures no hydrogenation occurs. It is specifically produced for the use in infant formula and our suppliers are very aware of the issues surrounding hydrogenation. Therefore our suppliers have very robust systems and procedures in place to ensure that none of the vegetable oils they use in their formulas have hydrogenation contaminants, like 3 MCPD Esters present.

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