Are the pouches gluten free?

Bubs Australia

Any claims made on our labels relate to specific testing for gluten. Our labels list 100% of the ingredients found in our products so you know exactly what is inside each pouch. 

We would always recommend that you seek professional medical advice, however it is our understanding that grains and grain-like plants that do not contain harmful gluten and are suitable for celiacs include rice (white/brown), amaranth, flax, millet, chia, quinoa and coconut. We have intentionally made our recipes ‘allergy friendly’ and various products across our range contain one or more of these grains (certified organic of course).

None of our pouches contain wheat, spelt, rye or barley, which tend to be on the ‘avoid’ list for celiacs. 

If you have a story about trying goat milk, send it to hello@bubsaustralia.com. We’d love to chat to you!