Nulac Foods

In December 2017, Bubs Australia acquired NuLac Foods, Australia’s largest producer of goat milk products, including Alpine Yoghurt, CapriLac®, a leader in goat milk, powder and yoghurt, and Coach House Dairy®, a premium range of Jersey milk products.

As a result of the acquisition the Nulac Foods website has been removed. Please see Bubs Investor for the latest ASX announcements.

Australian made premium nutrition

Bubs® ADVANCED PLUS+ formulation blends quality whole goat milk and goat whey protein with a balanced daily intake of essential fatty acids, vitamins, prebiotics and other beneficial nutrients needed to support a healthy and vital growing body. • Goat whey protein • Omega-3 DHA • Omega-6 ARA • Prebiotics GOS & FOS • Naturally higher in Calcium • Natural source of Vitamins A & C

We’re accredited by the best in the business

Bubs® product integrity and safety is our highest priority. That’s why we are accredited by the best in the business.