Meet Our Founder Kristy Carr

kristy-carrAt Bubs, we are dedicated to supporting the growth, health, and happiness of the next generation and this ethos is echoed throughout all corners of our business. So where does this vision come from? Meet Kristy Carr, the co-founder and chief executive of Bubs Australia, and the woman behind the brand. With countless professional qualifications and a tweet from the US President, Joe Biden himself, celebrating her brand’s dedication to supporting the baby formula shortage across America, Kristy has certainly accomplished a lot.

Introducing Kristy Carr

As a mother of three who lives in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, as well as having previously worked in advertising and communications, Kristy, or as some would call her, a “mumpreneur” has always stepped up to the challenge of balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship. In fact, it was this very combination of her deeply personal experience as a mother and her desire to innovate, that lead Kristy to start her own brand in 2005.

Inspired By Motherhood

While on maternity leave, Kristy was faced with the same dilemma all mothers share – the task of deciding what you should or should not feed your child. Curating a child’s diet is a challenge that many have struggled with, and it was during this process that Kristy found there was a gap in the market that needed to be filled. As a mother herself, she was both disheartened and inspired by the lack of clean, nutrient-rich, organic baby foods available in supermarkets. With a daughter who had sensitivities to cows milk as well as a being involved in organic foods and superfoods herself earlier in her life, Kristy understood the importance of choosing organic baby food and strongly believed in the concept of food as medicine – something that should have a healing effect on the body.

How Bubs Was Born

As many mothers will know, each baby is unique and even at a young age, can have differing taste when it comes to food. During her own experience of motherhood, Kristy spent a lot of time in her kitchen creating and testing different recipes for her own children, and in the process, developed her first line of organic baby food. First starting off with organic superfoods, Kristy eventually moved into developing her second product, which was Goats Milk Formula. Similar to everything she has created and all the new products she is constantly developing, this product was born out of Kristy’s love for her own daughter, who had developed an sensitivity to cow’s milk at a young age. The transition to feeding her goat milk had such a profound, positive effect on Kristy’s own family that she felt she needed to share this knowledge and help other parents who were also dealing with the same problem.

Kristy’s Mantra

Throughout her journey of motherhood, and something she has poured into the values here at Bubs, is the mantra: happy tummy, happy baby, happy family. The investment into high quality, clean food for our children is not something that solely impacts the health of a child, but that of the entire family. Part of Kristy’s mission is to provide parents with delicious yet nutritious food and snack options for their little ones. Kristy was determined in building the Bubs brand and creating an entire team of clean nutrition experts that are dedicated to making this mission a reality for parents and their kids.