improved formula – frequently asked questions

Why has the colour changed from white to a pale yellowish colour?

There is a slight colour variation between the original product and the improved Australian made product. This colour change is simply due to our new, more superior production process whereby ingredients are wet blended to a liquid form and then spray dried (instead of mixing dry ingredients together). This method of spray drying allows for a greater efficiency of nutrient distribution through the formula, meaning that all ingredients and nutrients are more evenly mixed throughout each and every bottle, providing your baby with exactly the right amount of nutrients for optimal growth and development.

Why has the density/texture of the powder changed?

Using the same complete ingredients, the advanced wet blending production method used in our new Australian manufacturing facility, produces a 'lighter' formula mix. The resulting powder is less dense than the 'dry blend' process used in the past so it settles more evenly in the can and scoop. You will notice it also dissolves more efficiently in hot water and doesn't leave lumps at the bottom of the bottle.

Have any of the ingredients changed?

There are no new complete ingredients in Bub’s Goat Milk Formula range, however there is a slight change in the oil blend source. In terms of formulation, we have increased the amount of nutrient-rich goat milk whey protein in our new formula. That means your baby is naturally getting easily digested bioavailable nutrients from one of Mother Natures’ richest sources.

Why has the Feeding Guide changed?

Our new, more superior production process, whereby ingredients are wet blended to a liquid form and then spray dried (instead of mixing dry ingredients together), produces a formula that has an improved spread of nutrients and creates a powder that is less dense than before. This means a slightly larger amount of the product is required to provide the perfect amount of beneficial nutrients. The new scoop holds 8.8grams of powder, compared to 7.2grams in the original product. The less dense powder dissolves much more easily, so less water is required for it to dissolve in. Always only use the scoop provided in each tin.

Why has the scoop size changed?

The new, more easily dissolvable and nutrient rich formula is less dense than before, so it occupies more space in the tin and scoop. Because of this the scoop size is slightly larger and it may look like there is more formula in the tin, even though the net total weight is the same. The new formula still contains an optimal mix of nutrients. However, because of the change in density, the new formulation provides an additional five serves per can for your baby.

I used the old scoop with the new formula. Will this harm my baby?

Using the old scoop will not cause any harm to your baby. You may have found that your baby didn’t want to finish the whole bottle as it was too much volume or they may have had a small reaction (such as constipation) after consuming milk that was a little more concetrated than usual. Make sure you read and follow the new Feeding Guide instructions on the tin and always use the new scoop provided in each tin.

My baby is reacting to the new formula. Is this normal? What should I do?

Some babies can accept any formula being offered to them and will happily switch between different formulas, whilst others may be very sensitive to even the smallest change in their regular formula. Some common mild reactions when transitioning to a new formula may include changes to their bowel movements, more or less regurgitation, change in settling patterns or fussiness.

Although there are no new complete ingredients in Bub’s Goat Milk Formula range, due to the new density and slight change in formulation of the new product, there may be a short transition phase while your baby’s digestive system adjusts.

If your baby reacts to the new formula, firstly make sure you are following the new Feeding Guide on the tin and using the new scoop provided – the ingredients haven’t changed, but the mixing guidelines and scoop size have. If you are using the old scoop your baby will be getting a slightly different amount of formula, which may cause a mild reaction.

If you notice a change in bowel motions, vomiting, extended fussiness or other reactions continuing after several days, it is best to consult your health care professional.

My baby is not drinking as much formula as before or is refusing it completely.

The new improved formula is made up of the same complete ingredients as before, however there are a few changes that might take a bit of time for your baby to adjust to. There is more nutrient-rich easily digestible goat milk whey protein in the new formulation. The density and taste profile has also been altered slightly.

The new formula dissolves more easily than the original and therefore requires less water (60mL per scoop compared to 100mL per scoop previously). This may look like your baby is consuming less, but rest assured, the formula still contains the same optimal amount of nutrients for your baby’s healthy growth and development. It’s just the added water volume that is different.

What is the best way to transition to the new formula?

As long as you are following the new Feeding Guidelines on the tin and using the new scoop provided, most babies won’t have any difficulty transitioning to the new formula. It still contains the same easily digested goat milk proteins and fats, which are similar in size and make-up to breast milk, plus high in natural prebiotic oligosaccharides that aid digestion.

If your baby does have a mild reaction to the new formula, it is likely to only last several bottles whilst they adjust to the transition.

Although the old and new formulas have the same complete ingredients, due to the difference in density, scoop size and amount of water required, it is best not to mix the two formulas together. If you have some of the original formula left you may want to alternate original and new with each feed until the original tin is finished. Make sure you use the guidelines and scoop appropriate to each tin.

If you have further queries about our improved formula, please contact Bubs Customer Care team:
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