Bubs® is supporting families in the USA

Australian families can continue to buy with confidence.

You may have heard, Bubs Australia is helping families through the current infant formula crisis in the USA. 

The USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced its discretion for Bubs® to import six infant formula products into the United States effective immediately, including Bubs Supreme™ A2 Beta-Casein Protein, Bubs Organic® Grass Fed, and Bubs® Easy-digest Goat Milk Infant Formula and Follow-On Formula products. To find out more click here.

You can rest assured we have taken precautions to ensure our Australian infant formula supply will remain unchanged.   

Due to our strong control of our supply chain security and our wholly owned production facility, we have already manufactured what is required and have been able to take steps to immediately increase the level of our future production, as needed.

We will keep this page updated with developments.

Are you currently based in America?

To hear the latest news about our Aussie Bubs Toddler Formula, and to stay up to date on the arrival of our Bubs Infant Formula to the US to help American families, please click on the link below and follow Aussie Bubs on our social accounts: