Helping your tot to take on teething

Make sure your tot milks teething

Teething tot? Make sure your little munchkin has ‘got milk’. Keep bub happily hydrated, with breastmilk or baby formula, while those newly emerging pearly whites do their thing.

Why milk is your teething ally

Alongside chronic crankiness, dehydration is a key concern with teething tots. Sore gums and troublesome milk teeth often take a big bite out of bub’s appetite for anything including fluids. While it is common for tiny teethers to boycott their lovingly prepared cuisine, it becomes a worry when their fluid intake drops too. When bub takes in less water than the amount leaving their body, dehydration hits and early treatment becomes vital.

Knowing how to spot the signs of both teething and dehydration can help you keep your tot healthy throughout the trying teething process.

What does teething look like?

Incessant drooling, red rosy cheeks and an insatiable compulsion to gnaw anything in sight? Sounds like teething time all right. There comes a time to almost every parent when their little bundle of joy becomes fussy, wakeful and grizzly. Some even experience a low-grade fever or cough while other bubs get diarrhea.

Down with teething dehydration

Normal developmental milestone as it is, teething can be extremely painful for babies. Unsurprisingly, tremendously tender gums do not always welcome refreshment. Chewing or sucking pressure can heighten teething pain for little ones and here is where dehydration risk comes in. Whisk bub off to your GP toot sweet if you notice they have:

  • Dry mouth or lips
  • No wet nappies in over six hours
  • Particularly pungent pee
  • Lethargy

Helping your tot to take on teething

Every parent would take teething pain away from their bub in a heartbeat if only they could. Unfortunately this is not an option. Yet there are many great natural ways to help bub take on teething, including:

  • Let bub gnaw on a frozen face washer
  • Gently massage baby’s gums with a thoroughly washed finger
  • Stock up on fridge-friendly silicon teethers
  • Adorn bub in a Baltic amber necklace and get yourself some teething bling while you’re at it
  • Use distraction – every parent’s not-so-secret weapon. Pop bub in a warm bath or take a walk outside

Teething can be a trying time for both parents and bubs. Yet you can all come out the other end in one piece, plus a few extra gnashers. Focus on fluids to keep bub well-hydrated despite any loss of appetite and try to ease your little one’s teething tribulations the natural way.

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