10 Tips for handling fussy eaters

Almost all babies or toddlers go through a phase of being fussy about what they do and don’t want to eat. Stay positive & avoid letting your child know you are emotionally attached to them consuming a certain amount or type of food.


  1. Introduce new food alongside food you know they like.
  2. If they do not eat the food, remove it without fuss & move onto the next part of your routine.
  3. Offer the same food again in a few weeks time, using the same language. 
  4. Disguise food by blending it & ‘sneaking’ it into sauces or smoothies.
  5. Children are more likely to try food when they see the rest of the family enjoying it. 
  6. Variety is more important to us than them. It does not matter if they eat the same dish 3 times a week.
  7. Do not insist the food is eaten or offer a reward (such as dessert) for eating it. Both measures can lead to negative food association.
  8. It can take 8-15 tries before a food becomes familiar & the child accepts it. Don't give up!
  9. Involve them in the decision of what to eat.
  10. Swap dinner with lunch if a child is not eating much at dinnertime.
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