Bub's 1st Year

10 Tips for Happy Mealtimes

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Ensure your baby is not tired at mealtime. When children become uncooperative & irritable in the highchair, there are 2 things to consider: tiredness & energy. Arranging mealtimes away from sleep times will mean your child is fresh & happy to eat. Ensure all meals & snacks throughout the day are balanced & contain foods that will sustain their energy levels.


  1. Avoid snacks close to mealtimes
  2. Provide small serves of varying & interesting food
  3. Keep mealtimes short (around 15 minutes)
  4. Respect your baby may not always be hungry
  5. Avoid battles - stay calm & relaxed
  6. For older Bubs have a child sized table & chair 
  7. Make fun place mats, involving your baby or toddler in the creation
  8. Provide utensils but allow use of fingers & hands - children are born to make a mess!
  9. Sit with your baby at mealtimes, engage in conversation & assist with feeding
  10. Avoid television viewing while eating - try background music instead

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