Homemade baby food is easier than you think

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Homemade baby food sound like hard work? It can be as simple as ‘bub has what you’re having’. You will be amazed at how easy it is to adapt most meals for your littlest family member. All it takes is a little menu planning and tailoring. Voila. There you have homemade baby food.

Way before they reach 12 months old, babies can enjoy many of the same foods as their mummies and daddies. Couple this with the fact that tots love feeling part of the family. There you have two great reasons for giving homemade baby food a whirl. What a terrific way to get bub involved in your family mealtimes and set up great eating habits from the start. Some great ways you can quickly and easily adapt family meals to double as homemade baby food include:

  • Hold the salt: you don’t want bub to migrate towards sodium laden junk food as they grow. So try your best to make your homemade baby food a salt-free zone

  • Easy on the seasonings: spices and seasonings can be brilliant for developing baby’s palate, but only in small doses. After several months of a completely milky diet, all foods are an adventure for bub’s taste-buds. So slow your roll in adding these to homemade baby food

  • Dust off your stick blender: paediatric and dietary professionals are largely unanimous in supporting the ‘bye-bye to bland’ approach to baby’s first foods. That means whisking up a mixture of ingredients and flavours in your homemade baby food gets the big nod. Yet naturally bub is not going to be chomping through whole broccoli florets, chunky roast potatoes or apple cubes right from the start. Especially if they are yet to cut their first teeth! Here is where your stick blender or food processor will become your new homemade baby food bestie. Just puree or roughly blend the main family meal to plate up a scrumptious version for bub

 Of course the golden rule to homemade baby food is to lead by example. Be sure your family meals are healthy, nutritious and balanced. That way you and your tot are sharing in good food and wonderful family time all at once.

Now becoming a homemade baby food aficionado is a fabulous step. But that doesn’t mean you have to lug plastic containers everywhere full of treats from your family kitchen. If time and convenience are an issue, why not dish up scrumptious homemade baby food when you are at home. Then keep bub fully nutritionally loaded by investing in ready-made, goodness-packed organic fare in handy portable pouches for meals on the go? Bubs organic chef inspired range will see you right in this respect. Think of our pouches as your baby’s ultimate yum on the run!

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