Organic baby food: unbeatable goodness in every grain

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Think ‘superfoods’ are not much more than a buzzword? Think again. Especially when it comes to organic baby food. Turns out that some of the best nutrition you can give bub lies in whole grains that have grown on the earth for centuries. Think:

  • Quinoa: a complete protein packed with goodness that also happens to be gluten-free. Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) tastes delish in a host of sweet and savoury eats. So get your organic baby food creations on a quinoa kick.
  • Amaranth: with three times the average amount of calcium, amaranth also brims with nutritious champions like iron, magnesium and more. It’s also the only grain known to contain vitamin C. As such, organic baby food has so much to gain by adding amaranth.
  • Oats: an ordinary ingredient that is anything but! Loaded with fibre, vitamins, minerals and iron, oats are an oh-so-nutritious item to include on your organic baby food hit list.
  • Millet: oh how far millet has come from being considered merely birdseed. Sure our flying friends do partake in millet among other seeds in commercial bird mix. But don’t let that ruffle your feathers. Millet is a magnificent inclusion in organic baby food. Amongst its virtues are versatility that can cast millet in a starring role in everything from cereal to pilaf. Protein, iron, B vitamins and magnesium are just a few of millet’s most vital riches too.

So there is a sampling of your star-studded superfood line-up for organic baby food. But these signal quite a departure from traditional ‘old school’ first meals for tots don’t they? Absolutely. Organic baby food has been excitingly reimagined.

Pediatricians, nutritionists and dietitians alike are all taking traditional white processed grains off the baby menu. In their place is a dynamic vast range of organic baby food deliciousness. Leading the fray are whole grains that are rich in nutrients and take bub on a taste adventure.

So why the switch?

Well for starters, ancient whole grains are more healthful than the processed bland fare babies traditionally cut their solids teeth on.

Importantly too, littlies’ palates are formed and influenced greatly in their first year of food exploration. So getting tots being adventurous in their tastes from the get-go can be key in creating healthy eating habits of a lifetime. When variety has been a dietary staple from word one, preschoolers are more likely to opt for healthy delights rather than be wooed by salt-laded junk food.

Organic baby food is all about branching out and encouraging tots to do the same. Mix it up with a kaleidoscope of ancient whole grains plus plenty of different tastes, textures and colours. After all, food should be fun!

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