Food fusspots: your foray into first foods for baby

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First foods for baby can tie some parents in knots. One minute your tot is devouring spoonfuls of goodness with great enthusiasm. Next minute you get nothing but looks of extreme disgust and bowl then spoon go flying. If your foray into first foods for baby is something like an extreme rollercoaster, you are not alone. Best yet you can triumph over pint-sized fussy foodies with a little understanding and some simple smarts.

Why is my tot suddenly picky?

First up, relax. Rarely is your suddenly picky eater due to your choice of first foods for baby. There are just so many reasons your once great eater may have morphed into a foodie fusspot. Infants who are ill, teething or simply on a natural growth slow-down will likely experience temporary appetite loss. Yes. Note the word ‘temporary’.

Equally, as bub becomes mobile and begins to relish exploration of their world, eating becomes an unwelcome interruption. Rejection of your finest first foods for baby offerings may be nothing more than peevishness over the fact your bub had other activities in mind. After all, who wants to be stuck in a high chair when there is carpet to feel under ones knees or new toys to discover?

Older babies of nine to 10 months begin to feel champions of their own world. What does this mean? They feel ready for independence and control of their destiny and food is a delicious way to assert themselves. Refusal to chow down on your best efforts with first foods for baby is likely to have nothing to do with the cuisine itself. You may just have an assertive tot on your hands who is flexing their independence muscles.

In a nutshell: expect your tot’s appetite to change constantly. This is totally natural and will more than likely all come out in the wash.

How can I combat fussiness over first foods for baby?

Picky eaters can be conquered! Here are some tips to roll out your first foods for baby and ensure your little person is getting enough nutrition:

  • Place bubs in the driving seat: mini control-freaks will relish a plateful of vibrant finger food. Keep your tot under your watchful eye but let them experiment with feeding themselves
  • Make foody fun: few things will captivate exploratory infants like their own brightly coloured bowl and spoon. Match these with colourful healthy foods and fun presentation. Mashed potato mountains, a finger-food face – the possibilities are endless.
  • Out with the bland: first food for baby need not be boring. Get creative with plenty of variety! Always be mindful of potential allergies of course.

First foods for baby are a time of adventure for both you and your tot. As with any adventure, you will encounter some hurdles along the way. Yet all it takes is a little bit of ‘go with the flow’ plus having a few tricks up your sleeve to keep mealtimes more blissful than ‘battleground’.

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