From travel weary to travel cheery: tips for happy holidays away from home with tots

Ah yes, the Christmas holidays. ‘Tis the season for mummy multi-tasking to kick into overdrive. There is a scrumptious Christmas spread to prepare, but no helpful elves to give you a hand. Plus contrary to popular belief, Santa does not do his own gift shopping. Then of course there’s the epic family holiday to prepare and pack for. Yet the mere idea of travelling with bubs or toddlers can often overthrow daydreams of a balmy vacation. If your mummy stress gauge is rising as fast as your holiday enthusiasm is plummeting, fear not. A relaxing easy-going holiday can still be yours. You just need to get savvy on some bubs travel trouble-shooting. Here are some handy ideas to get you started, from organic baby food pouches to naps on the go.

Let’s get back to basics. Your bub has several holiday essentials. Satisfy these and you’ll have a satisfied bub and thus, a satisfying break away. Let’s take a look at some must-haves and how to meet these needs away from home…

Nap time: nothing shatters a happy holiday vibe like tired baby. But you don’t want to spend your whole hols sitting about while bub grabs some z’s. So work nap times around your holiday activities. Take a walk to explore while bub slumbers in the stroller. A leisurely sight-seeing drive can work just as well too. Or put on your trusty baby carrier or backpack to have them sleep nestled into you. All without tying you to your hotel or holiday house.

Food: With so much on your plate it’s hard to even contemplate what you’re going to put on your baby’s. Holiday meals can open a whole can of stress – or you can simply open a pouch of tasty organic fare. Baby food pouches can hand you bubs feeding ease in a simple squeeze. Pack a holiday stash and keep your little vacationer nourished. This will make meal times:

  • Quick: no messy or time-consuming cooking. You can take a holiday from the kitchen without comprising bubs’ nutrition. Organic baby food pouches are a delicious healthful solution
  • Convenient: who needs a spoon? Bubs can simply squeeze a tasty meal or snack straight out of their food pouch.

Flying high: taking to the air with tots is something that fills most mums with dread. Yet with some forward planning, plane travel can be plain sailing. Small babies usually travel well, so long as they have plenty of cuddles and regular feeds. Breastfeeding mummies may like to bring a sarong or light muslin for privacy while feeding. A front pack keeps babies feeling close and secure and notwithstanding any unwelcome surprises like colic, your travel should be fairly simple. As they get more mobile, travel can get more challenging. Keep your little wriggler in their pushchair right up to boarding. An umbrella stroller is great for this as it’s light-weight and easy. Once seated, low mess snacks like baby food pouches and a few small new toys will be worth their weight in gold. Choose clothes with easy nappy changes in mind too.

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