What are corn syrup solids? Why do you add corn syrup solids?

Bubs Australia

Corn Syrup Solids is basically a carbohydrate powder produced from the vegetable corn. Corn syrup solid powders can vary by way of their ‘DE,’ or Dextrose Equivalent value. The higher the DE, the higher the level of simple sugars that are present. Corn Syrup Solids fall between the DE range of 20-100. Powders that have a DE of <20 are referred to as Maltodextrins. The DE of the powder we use sits between 20–23 so it is right at the bottom end of the DE range, meaning it does not contain a high level of simple sugars. Fructose is a monosaccharide and in the corn syrup solid we use the total monosaccharide content is only 2.3%, and of that 2.3% it is all glucose; so there is not actually any fructose in our product at all.

Australian food standards guidelines for infant formula very clearly define the nutritional content limits that all formula products must meet. All products must deliver a certain amount of carbohydrate content per 100 kJ. Hence, in order to meet those requirements, we need to add the right ingredients in the right proportions to deliver on those nutritional targets. Both lactose and corn syrup solids are regulatory approved forms of carbohydrate to use in infant formula. In our Stage 2 & 3 formulations we source a majority from lactose and the balance from corn syrup solids. The source of our corn syrup solids used in our formulas is specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements needed for infant formulas, and is a very high quality source of carbohydrate. 

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