Are your products halal certified?

Bubs Australia

Halal means “lawful” in Arabic, but in terms of food products it means that a food product is wholesome for Muslim consumption. The misconception that halal is only for Muslims is incorrect, in reality it’s suitable for all. The term Halal doesn't just belong to food products, it is also a term used for finance and tourism. The reason why halal certification is needed for non-meat products is that in today’s manufacturing practices, it is common that finished products may be mixed with halal and non-halal materials. Halal certification organizations not only look at raw materials, which may be halal suitable, they also ensure that halal manufacturing practices are maintained. Although most of your products do not contain meat, you may use products that contain derivatives of non-halal ingredients. Being halal certified gives businesses the opportunity to supply products to many different cultures and nationalities.

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