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What is goat's milk and how can it help my toddler?

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There are many benefits to including a good quality, naturally nutrient-rich food group such as dairy in our family’s diet. 

Dairy foods provide protein, fats, vitamins and minerals for growth and optimal body functioning. There’s a problem though; the animal milk we mostly choose in the western world is cow’s milk, comprised of very large protein and fat molecules that can be hard for our toddler’s immature gut to break down and absorb nutrients from. 

A better source of dairy

Ideally, we need to choose our source of dairy - milk and its products - from an animal that produces milk closer in make-up to human milk so it’s easier for us to break it down.
Goat’s milk, consumed by 65% of the world’s population, provides us with a source of dairy that’s very close in composition to that of human milk.  Its smaller proteins and fat molecules make it easier to digest and this in turn means the nutrients in it are better absorbed.

More calcium, healthier bones

One of the key reasons we’re encouraged to consume dairy is so our family have enough calcium in our diet for strong, healthy bones.  Goat’s milk has more calcium than cow’s milk and the calcium is more easily absorbed, giving our bones a bigger hit of calcium every time we consume goat’s milk.

Less allergenic

Goat’s milk doesn’t contain the complex proteins that can stimulate allergic reactions to cow’s milk.  This means goat’s milk is less likely than cow’s milk to be a cause of eczema, runny noses ear infections and digestive issues.

A happier digestive system

Goat milk’s is anti-inflammatory in the gut and so doesn’t harm the gut wall like the large inflammatory proteins in cow’s milk can.  Keeping digestive systems healthy means your toddler can better absorb healthy nutrients, eliminate wastes and toxins and there’s less likelihood of having nasty immune reaction to foods and chemicals. 

Goat’s milk is less likely to cause constipation, diarrhoea, reflux and other digestive issues due to its similar chemical make-up to human milk.

A complete food for your toddler’s growth and well-being

As a nutritionist, I see many children and parents every week with symptoms that suggest an intolerance to cow’s milk.  Goat’s milk is often tolerated in children who show negative reactions to drinking cow’s milk. 


About the author - Karena Tonkin

Karena's private Nutritional and Environmental Medicine practice in Brighton is dedicated to the integrative and holistic care and treatment of children and adults with chronic physical, mental and behavioural conditions.Karena is a clinical nutritionist, presenter, educator and health coach working in private practice and within the corporate sector.


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