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Are organic foods better for bub? A nutritionist weighs in

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You're probably wondering if feeding your baby organic food is worth the hype. After all, there’s lot of conflicting information out there. How can you be sure it’s not just another fad?

Not all organic foods are created equal...

Let’s clarify the actual meaning of the term ‘organic’. Organic refers to any food and/or food products that haven’t been exposed to pesticides or chemicals during the growing or the handling process, and haven’t been modified in any way.

In other words, organic = natural.

Unfortunately, the word ‘organic’ isn’t well regulated within the food manufacturing industry. Some brands may label their products as ‘organic’ even without any formal accreditation.

If you’re unsure about the legitimacy of an organic product, look for the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) logo.

What are the benefits of organic food for babies?

The more you can reduce your little one’s exposure to unwanted chemicals, the better. As their tiny bodies grow and develop, you want to make sure the foods they ingest are free from nasties.

While the added nutritional value of organic vs ‘normal’ foods is debatable, there’s more to eating organic than nutritional density.

It’s important to grow our food in a safe and healthy environment, with clean air, soil and water.  And clean eating isn’t just about buying organic where you can - it also means making sustainable choices and respecting the planet.

Healthy eating is easier than you think

As a rule of thumb, prepare and eat a wide variety of foods, with different colours and origins, closely resembling their natural state. A variety of foods from all five major food groups should be consumed to ensure your child thrives in the early years of life.

Going organic isn’t just about the nutrients. It’s about avoiding unwanted chemicals and adopting a holistic approach to healthy eating.

About the author - nutritionist Leanne Cooper.

Leanne Cooper is  Director of the leading Health Coaching College Cadence Institute of Nutrition & Health Coaching, and is a registered nutritionist and mother of two boys.


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