Naughty Christmas treats made nice

Festive finger foods are seemingly in endless demand at this time of year. There are pre-Christmas get-togethers with friends and family. Then of course there are the endless engagements on little ones’ social calendars. Playgroup Christmas parties, mothers’ group secret santa catch-ups and all the rest. So in amongst mixing up festive morsels, you’ll likely also be trying your hand at Christmassy toddler and baby snacks. Whew! What a dose of sugar and edible naughties this can add up to. So this silly season, why not try your hand at some smart treats? Here are some ideas to get you started and earn yourself rave reviews for your healthy culinary skills...

A new take on truffles: truffles are a time-honoured Christmas tradition. Most of us can still remember the days when neighbours used to knock on each other’s doors with plates of freshly baked seasonal treats. Truffles were always a mainstay of such gift plates and now you can make them even better. How about healthy truffles packed with energy-giving goodness and all-natural ingredients? Sure they may not have the thick rich naughtiness of traditional truffles, but they don’t have the fat, sugar or chemicals either. These tantalising truffles travel well and taste healthily sweet. So they’re the perfect choice for baby or toddler travelling snacks. Or simply to keep in your handbag for moments of weakness when you’re confronted by an alluring candy cane. Get your healthy Christmas truffles recipe here

White Christmas taste wonderland: dreaming of a white Christmas? How about a healthier white Christmas slice? One that is completely dairy-free, vegan and loaded with healthy goodness. Ingredients like organic coconut oil instead of hydrogenated vegetable oil give this edible white Christmas a real make-over. Whip up this glorious festive treat then leave it to set in the freezer. It’ll keep beautifully for up to a month but is highly unlikely to last that long. Get your healthier white Christmas slice recipe here


‘Tis the season to stuff strawberries: season’s greetings never tasted so sweet as when served with strawberries. So here’s a novel idea to get all the zingy goodness of this festive fruit without adding too much naughtiness. Marscapone stuffed strawberries are perfect as a pre-dinner treat with champagne or a light dessert after a big meal. Even little ones will love them so they make a tantalizing toddler snack too. Best of all, these sweet little treats are oh so simple to make. Get your recipe for marscapone stuffed strawberries here 


Flippin’ healthy festive pancakes: even the humble pancake can be given a healthy Christmas make-over. Oh yes, these babies are flat out with glad tidings. They’re refined sugar free (but can still be drowned in maple syrup). Plus these smart pancakes are a fabulous way to use up any dried fruit left over from your homemade Christmas cake. Serve with a hearty dose of brandy cream or fresh butter. Or if you are feeling particularly pious, lavish a flow of sugar-free maple syrup on top. Yummo! Get your recipe for healthy Christmas pancakes here 

Not all your Christmas treats need to be naughty. So may your days be merry and bright and may all your Christmases be light. Put these healthy recipes to work and you’ll be well on your way.


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