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3 healthy meal options for fussy eaters

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If you’re like me and have a toddler who’s a fussy eater, meal times can be stressful and anxiety driven.

I started feeding my little one pâté when she was 6 months old. But something very strange happened when she turned one: she stopped eating all the nutritional meals I was offering her and refused all vegetables.

After some experimentation, I realised fussy eaters enjoy simple foods. The less complex flavours and textures, the better.

Here are some healthy (and delicious) meals options to try:

  1. Lamb meatballs with steamed broccoli, brown rice, grated carrot and beetroot and yoghurt mint sauce.

    This is a great little meal for any toddler . They can pick up the meatballs with their hands and dip in the sauce. The grated raw beetroot and carrot can be eaten with a fork.

  2. Spaghetti with chicken mince bolognaise and grated vegetables.

    Fussy eaters love pasta and carbs. Use pasta sparingly and add a generous dose of chicken bolognaise to make sure they’re getting enough protein (don’t forget to sneak in some grated vegetables).

  3. Fish schnitzel coated in coconut flour, with rice bread crumbs, sweet potato chips and avocado.

    Your fussy eater will love the crunchy texture of this delicious dish, while getting all the nutrients they need. The sweet potato and avocado are a great addition. Your bub won’t even realise you’re feeding them vegetables!

Tips for fussy eaters

Use three different ingredients for each meal. This adds enough colour to the plate without overwhelming your bub.

When serving food, keep ingredients separate so they can see what each one is (and also name and tell you what’s on the plate). Fussy eaters tend to dislike stews, casseroles and other dishes where they cannot differentiate ingredients.

Feeding a fussy eater can be a very frustrating process, but don’t panic. Try and test different meal options and ingredients. Constantly talking to them about what they’re eating is also helpful and can create a fun atmosphere that takes away the anxiety of certain foods.

About the author: Belinda Randell

This information has been provided by Belinda Randell, a qualified chef and mother, once ran Bubs organic kitchen and is now the Managing Director of The Organic Cook.

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